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"Stan Hayes, P.E., and Hayes Engineering, Inc. have provided professional services, as well as been a valued friend for many years. My experience with them the past 4 years that I have been in office has been great. The first week I was on the job, Stan and Kyle Stephens, P.E., met with me and updated me on the current projects. Since then they have always been available to walk me through each project and explain how things work and answered any question I may have. Hayes Engineering has provided personal service to our community with the utmost integrity. We look forward to many more years working together to improve the City of Hallsville."

- Mayor Jerri L. Medrano

"Hayes Engineering is serving the northeast Texas area by providing expertise in regional water planning since the planning began and assures implementation of desirable projects. Due to the high quality of the work in both planning and implementation of projects, Hayes Engineering has earned a reputation for being a foremost engineering firm in our region."

- Walt Sears, North East Texas Municipal Water District

"I have worked with this engineering firm for more than a decade and found it to be very responsive to the client and highly capable of completing tasks that were complex and quite diverse."

- Walt Sears, North East Texas Municipal Water District

"Cypress Springs SUD has had a working relationship with Hayes Engineering (Stan Hayes) for 18 years. Hayes Engineering designed 2 new Water Treatment Plants and 2 Water Towers for Cypress Springs SUD during this time. Hayes does an outstanding job assisting us in applying for and receiving Grants/Loans from State and Federal Agencies."

- Richard Zachary, Manager, Cypress Springs SUD

"The City of Gilmer has utilized the services of Hayes Engineering for several years. We are very satisfied with the work done by Stan Hayes and his staff."

- Jeff Ellington, City Manager, City Of Gilmer

"Hayes Engineering has been very instrumental in many projects associated with the City of White Oak, always resulting in a positive outcome. The staff is always accommodating, available and ready to assist and answer questions when needed. Working with Hayes Engineering has always been a pleasure."

- Charlie Smith, City Coordinator, City of White Oak